Katie Cross
Maid of Honor

Katie and I met our senior year at USC as interns for the Los Angeles Lakers and we have pretty much been inseparable ever since. All of my best memories of college and post-college are filled with her by my side. I will always cherish our trips to New York, Boston, the Cape, Palm Springs (…the list goes on), eating and drinking our way through LA, and being there for each other during some of life’s toughest moments.

Katie is my #1 partner in crime, my best friend and the one who keeps us all in line. She recently moved to New York and I miss her terribly, but no matter how many miles separate us our friendship only grows stronger and she will always have a piece of my heart.

She is not only beautiful inside and out but is the most thoughtful and emotionally supportive person I know. I can’t imagine anyone else as my maid of honor to help dry my tears, make sure my veil is intact and get me to the altar.

Nicole Graf

Nicole has been my roommate and closest confidant the past five years while living in Manhattan Beach. Nicole and I first met while working at AEG quickly taking ourselves from colleagues to roommates in 2012. Over those years we have done everything together from spending hundreds of hours watching the Bachelor (yes I mean hundreds) to USC Football tailgates to Stagecoach weekenders and countless glasses of Sangria at our local watering hole Simzy’s.

When I met Bobby in 2014 Nicole was the first person I told, the first to meet Bobby and the first I told when I knew Bobby was the one (which was the first date by the way!). Nicole has strong family values, is grounded and truly is a thoughtful friend I can always count on for a good talk. She has been by Bobby and my side throughout our entire relationship and we are honored to have her by our side when we say I do!

Arielle Levy

The moment I met Arielle I knew she was a special person and that we would be friends for a very long time. When I reflect back on college there isn’t a memory that doesn’t include this truly genuine person. Arielle and I first met freshman year when we both pledged Alpha Phi and we quickly became inseparable. From getting ready for mixers to planning recruitment, Arielle was my partner in crime in college and continues to be just as thoughtful and supportive as ever.

As a good listener, I can always count on her to give advice that is spot on. She is incredibly patient and understanding, sarcastic and sassy and as smart as a whip. I just couldn’t imagine getting married without her by my side!

Bryn McMullan

For those who know her, you know Bryn lights up every room she walks into with her quick wit and magnetic charm. For those who don’t, you’ll soon find out that she is an absolute ball of energy with dance moves like Jagger. Bryn and I met at USC our Freshman year as pledge class sisters in Alpha Phi and she has been brightening my days ever since 2006.

Bryn gives Ina Garten, Oprah, and Martha Stewart a run for their money. As the hostess with the mostest and a heart of gold, you can always count on her for a handwritten note, flowers just because and dinner parties galore. She truly makes the world a better place and even though she lives in San Francisco, I know every time we see each other it’s like no time has passed.

Parisa Schwartz
Bridesmaid & Sister of the Groom

One of my favorite things about Bobby is his stunning sister Parisa! She may be his little sis but she has clearly been leading the way for him and has greatly contributed to who he is today. She is incredibly warm-hearted, generous, and supportive of family and friends. I can always count on her for a good laugh whether it’s at family gatherings, vacationing in New Zealand, or spending time with her two adorable kiddos—Sophie June & Oscar Rostam.

Parisa is the kind of friend everyone wants in their life and I am now lucky enough to call family. I can’t wait to have her by my side in July and gain her as a sister.

Cassie Zebisch

Cassie is one of those people you meet and instantly feel like you are best friends with. I first met Cassie when I was in college and looking for a spring internship. She was working at AEG and I was lucky enough to score an interview with her. We instantly hit it off and became the closest of friends. Flash forward to nine years later and this lady is now a bridesmaid in my wedding and still continues to mentor and inspire me every day.

She is a reliable and supportive friend who is pure sunshine and makes every moment spent with her more memorable and fulfilling. Her energy and joie de vivre is contagious and I am so excited for her to be by my side!

Jody Pena
Best Man

Jody and I met in 7th grade as new transplants to Houston, and I've been lucky to call him a friend as we have grown together and dare I say matured over the years! From "stand wars" in orchestra to early morning bench press competitions, to supporting each other through the mostly ups of life, I know I can always count on him. Jody's growing family and restaurant businesses in Austin are exciting and inspiring, and I look forward to what the next chapter holds for both of us!

Michael Bartlett
Groomsman & Brother of the Bride

Michael is one of the most important people in our lives, and he and the entire Bartlett family welcomed me from day one. Michael's talents and interests are broad-ranging, and his curiosity and kindness are downright inspiring. Looking forward to having a not so little brother and seeing what life has in store next for you!

Mark Hong

As college roommates, something clicked with Mark as Rice nerds who aspired for much more. Life had a funny way of keeping us tethered, during medical training in Boston, and then moving back West to find a new frontier close to family. Mark has always questioned the status quo in medicine and found unconventional ways to make it better, one big reason our bond grows even as life gets busier with family and career. Looking forward to the second half my friend!

Eric Schwartz
Groomsman & Brother-in-Law

From the first time meeting Eric across the world on a family trip, he has left an impression on my family as thoughtful, considerate, and extremely sharp--just the kind of dude you'd want your sister to marry. Parisa and Eric have led the way for me on many fronts, with their patience, tolerance, and commitment to family, so I could not imagine taking this next big step without Eric on my team.

Scott Vafai

Scott and I hit it off from the first day of medical school, and I am much better for his continued friendship. With late nights shared in the hospital, on the town, and starting a company, Scott and I have been in the trenches and been there for each other through the highs and lows. One of the smartest physician-scientists and most genuine people I know, whose passion for his work and his family keeps on inspiring me.

Brendon Zeidler

Though Brendon mistakenly took me for a college athlete instead of a "mathlete" the first week of Rice, his judgement and advice over the years has otherwise been spot on. Brendon is a rare kind soul committed to helping people through dentistry and leading his family. He also has a dogged persistence and sense of what is right that has made him a steady rock of a friend, which Blair and I will need this year and beyond!